Thursday, April 14, 2011

.:: voyage d'étude en PROTON ::.

**bonjour are you people? OMG...lamanyaaaaa tak tgk blog sndr..lamaaanyaa....since masuk final sem ni.. adoyaiii. malasnye + merangkap busy sekali. dah macam tak reti nak blog dah. serious dah tak reti nak blog..ok tipu..xpenah reti ni nk cite psl industrial visit 4bene merangkap asgmnt for subject Automation..there it goes..**


31st March 2011 - 

(mode:jealous) my fellow 4BENErs went to PROTON Shah Alam for industrial visit activity..departed from UTeM at 0715 hr and safely arrived at PROTON at 0900 hr..the visit was lead by En Ahmad Sadiqin as escorted lecturer..i bet it was a gleeful experience by judging from pictures taken by my friend -ECAH..why?well..u need to keep reading + scrolling this page..if u cant even feel itsy-bitsy-jealousy - u r soulless..kidding..(no..seriously)..

......:::::: lets get started ::::::......

[ credits to ECAH (again!) - for jotting down all the notes / activities during the visits. ]

"A picture is worth a thousand words." - Napoleon Bonaparte - really Napo??
now let the pictures do the talking...but hold on..i think i need to add some descriptions - to avoid miss-communication ... :)

Just arrived at PROTON.. (ECAH is the petite one)

First agenda was video showing for briefing about the company, sneak peak of PROTON's new model - EMAS ( the first hybrid concept car ), and FYI, PROTON Shah Alam assembled only selected car models (Saga, Inspira, Waja & Exora)..

Eh??En Sadiqin give speech la (pay homage to everyone involved)..Looking good..Isn't he?Haha..

Hey look!everyone trying to record the video..peeps...mind ur hand..we're trying to see back here! ;p


Next, the BENE delegation went for sight-seeing in the production plant of SAGA FL production - escorted by En Imran (PROTON employee - Supervisor, 26 yrs experiences)..but camera allowed??*sigh*..well..its normal for almost every factory...then again..the picture inside the production lines are limited.. :/

Everyone are so into the explanation..Look how serious the faces..  

Taking notes for blog - for sure.. ^^

Ugh..why it is so dark in the production line? Or its just the camera?

 Review : 

Production line capacity is 150k / year..Production output is 40 units/ hr (pheww...what a speed!)..Man power 207 - direct, 63 -indirect..Line Time Actual (LTA) is 5.72 man Hr / unit..In PROTON, they're using such system: 1 supervisor --> 4 team leaders --> 24 man power..For each production line, there are 4 major sections: repair, trim, chassis, and final...

ok2..i get it..its hardly to understand those terms...nevermind-lah..we'll catch-up later if we're lucky enough to get a job at any production plant.. ^^

Finally.... photo-op with the company representative..Only half of 4BENErs were there..the other half are supposedly go to HICOM, Pekan (including me..sob..sob... T___T ).However - due to some technical was canceled - at the very last minute..pathetic isn't it??

BENE Delegations with PROTON's rep..Wish i was there too.. :/

The excitement continued as they spending the remaining hours - take a stroll to Sunway Pyramid..wait!its no "take a stroll"..they even played bowling too!!departed from Sunway at 1415hr, and safely arrived at 'UTeM- ku gemilang' around 1600hr..maybe for you who read this - argh..whats a big can play bowling in MIBC what....for me - no..not about that..we're rarely spending time - having fun with our 4BENErs friends..right?..only meet in class with stressful mind + "muka ketat sbb penat"..hmm...i hope its not too late too have a good time with all of u..

did u guys feel itsy-bitsy-jealousy now?..NO?..ok then..objective is not achieve..haha
allright..enough with the guess that all about "voyage d'étude en PROTON"..(google translate for the meaning)..

sorry for any offhanded words - i'm tooo while doing this - its hardly to be 'mind over matters' though..

.....:: au revoir ::.....

"I don't love studying. I hate studying. I like learning. Learning is beautiful..."

Sunday, February 13, 2011

il avait les mots...

i like this song soo much that i fall in love like 1st time i heard `em....penyanyi lagu nie Sheryfa Luna, a france chanteuse..he3.. enjoy it!!

isnt she gorgeousss!!!!!!!!!!!!!